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The Evolution of Trampoline ParksJune 18, 2013

Picture of Tumbletown in Ship Bottom, NJ circa 1970

Our Trampoline Parks installation crew recently ran into John Albano while passing through the Atlanta airport. He owned the above pictured "Tumbletown" trampoline park in Ship Bottom, NJ during the 1960's and 1970's. He provided this picture and thought we'd get a kick out of it.

Yes indeed we've come a long way. Our parks are now indoors with carpeted deck walkways and temperature controls. The trampolines vary in size and include spines, pedestals, basketball hoops, foam pits and more. Areas are provided for casual observing, relaxing and having awesome parties. Technology provides for instant replays of jumps, remote viewing and online services.

Sure the Tumbletown park was a lot of fun (read more here) but our parks today are bringing the experience to a whole new level. Thanks John for sharing this with us!

Getting Big AirMarch, 8, 2013

Picture of New Britain Trampoline Park

Brad Barton's son, a Division I collegiate runner, made the mistake of calling his dad an "old man."

Barton, once an All-American in the steeplechase at Weber State University in Utah, told him, "When you beat me in the mile, you can call me an old man."

Well, dad has made it a lot tougher for his son. Running in the mile at the Columbia Final Qualifier on Saturday night at The Armory, Barton ran an age-group world record 4:16.84. Afterward he said, "I didn't think I could run that fast."

And with good reason. No one his age (46) had ever broken 4:20 before as the previous mark was 4:20.18 set by John Hinton in 2008. After hitting his 800- and 1,200-meter goals on the nose, he sprinted out a 62-second final 400 to beat a number of competitors half his age.

Barton, who lives in Ogden, Utah, has been chasing that mark for a while. He'd run 4:21.5 in Boise earlier this year and then gave ill-fated efforts in both Boston and Ithaca before finding success at The Armory.

His Saturday night run was also within a second of the age-group outdoor record (4:16.09, Tony Young, 2008), which brought a twinkle to his eye as he began thinking about his next record pursuit.

Barton's recent run of success has been guided by the same man who guided him a quarter-century ago in college — USTFCCCA Hall of Famer Chick Hislop. Barton ran for Coach Hislop in the early 1990s, qualifying for NCAA Indoors twice and earning All-American status in the steeple in 1991. A few years ago when Barton told Hislop that he was still running 4:30, the coach urged him to see it through.

Now a professional speaker, Barton is sponsored by Get Air Sports, a company that constructs trampoline parks which have been popping up in the West and are now moving East. "The owner and founder is my neighbor," he said.

Get to be First Trampoline Park to ConnecticutMarch, 7, 2013

Picture of New Britain Trampoline Park NEW BRITAIN — A local developer is hoping to bring the state’s first indoor trampoline park to the New Britain Industrial Center.

Developer Peter R. Knaus toured the prospective location at 140 Production Court Thursday with city leaders, the trampoline designer and the would-be owner/operator of the facility.

If Knaus is able to get the required building permits and approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals next month to allow the use in an industrial park, then the park — to be called Get Air New Britain — could be opened by July.

“It’s a good use of space and there is great parking,” Knaus said. The property has been vacant for a year and was previously home to Volvo Aero, an aerospace manufacturer.

The ambitious $1 million project calls for about 60 trampolines to be built in a 12,000-square-foot location. There would be a variety of trampolines and activities available for use, including dodge ball with a nerf ball; exercise classes; fitness classes; and basketball.

“It’s very good exercise, about 1,200 calories are burned per hour by using the trampoline,” said Val R. Iverson, president of Trampoline Parks, LLC, the designer.

In addition, officials said, the facility could be used for events such as birthday parties; corporate outings; and field trips.

The trampolines are — on average — 10-12 feet wide and 30-feet long. Next to each trampoline is a big pit filled with foam where those jumping can fall into. Everyone using the trampoline must sign a waiver and those 17 years of age and younger must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for liability concerns. Admission would be on a per-hour basis; the specific prices of which have yet to be determined.

Iverson said the facility would be “very safe” adding, “there is always a risk factor.” According to Iverson, “there are 2.5 accidents per every 1,000 people skiing and there is 1.4 accidents per every 1,000 people using a trampoline.” The most typical injury is to the ankles, he said.

If the park opens, 40 jobs would be created, according to Dustin Estes, owner/operator of Get Air New Britain. Those jobs would include managers and fitness instructors.

City politicians and business leaders said the proposed park would be a boon for the city.

“It’s a terrific idea,” said William P. Carroll, business development director for the city. “The building totally lends itself to this type of business. It has high building height, air conditioning and plenty of parking.”

Said Mayor Timothy O’Brien, “It’s important for us to look at all different options for recreation in the city. It’s important we have activities for kids in the city to improve our quality of life.”

Get Air Sponsoring Brad BartonFebruary, 28, 2013

Brad Barton Get Air is sponsoring Brad Barton as he tries to break the mile record for Master Runners ages 45-50 years old he currently holds the record of 4:20. He is racing this Saturday, March 2nd in New York at 6:20 PM. His web site is He will be wearing a shirt with Get Air logo on both sides!

Earlier this month, Barton ran a 4:21.58 at Boise State University during an indoor collegiate meet, breezing past college runners half his age.
Barton competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in 1992. After college, he put his running career on hold for work and family. In 2012, Barton decided to come our of retirement along at the urging of USAFT Hall of Fame coach Chick Hislop, his coach at WSU.

Jumpology Park!January, 24, 2013

Trampoline Parks LLC is excited to be installing its 21st park in Richmond VA next week. Jumpology is going to be a great addition to the Richmond area. Trampoline Parks LLC is also very excited to be building its first international park in San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m sure you don’t have to ask, but yes our installation crew is very heart broken about have to go to Costa Rica this February! Lastly Trampoline Parks LLC couldn’t have a news update without expressing our enthusiasm in building our largest park ever! Next month Trampoline Parks LLC will be installing an 18,000 sq foot park in a 50,000 sq foot building in Syosset, NY. Without a doubt this park really will be something to behold. Stay tuned for further details. Or contact us @ 801-920-1686

Trampoine Parks, LLC continues to develop premium state of the art jump parks and currently has parks under construction in Huntington Beach, CA, Vista CA, San Diego CA, Tucson AZ, Kennewick WA, Birmingham AL, Richmond VA, and Long Island NY.

Latest Park Grand Opening!December, 21, 2012

Jake Goodell Director of Business Development for Trampoline Parks LLC Trampoline Parks, LLC is proud to announce the opening of its 20th indoor Trampoline Park, Extreme Hang Time in Albuquerque New Mexico. Exteme Hang Time opened its doors on December 21st, 2012. Owner Tamara Portnoy expressed her excitement about opening and managing this new trampoline Park while Trampoline Parks, LLC Director of Business Development, Jake Goodell, dawned the tree frog mascot and personally tested the trampolines just prior to the grand opening.

Trampoine Parks, LLC continues to develop premium state of the art jump parks and currently has parks under construction in Huntington Beach, CA, Vista CA, San Diego CA, Tucson AZ, Kennewick WA, Birmingham AL, Richmond VA, and Long Island NY.